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About the Practitioner

My Journey to Massage Therapy:

I began doing massage therapy with infants in 2001, as I worked with families during the first three months of the postpartum period, as a postpartum doula. The research on positive results of infant growth and calming qualities of touch were compelling, as I tried to help parents understand the importance of skin to skin contact with their babies in their everyday activities. Don't stress about not having time to add another massage activity in the day; bath time and diaper changes afford opportunities to massage colicky bellies, as well as scalps, arms and legs. I then decided I'd love to work on pregnant moms too, for discomforts during body changes from the growth of the pregnancy. Starting massage school in January 2005 was wonderful, just when I thought I was done with formal education. My husband, son and friends were thrilled as well, for practice hours with school. There is always so much to learn and so little time! Can't take the education out of the teacher…

Education continues to call, with continuing education requirements for massage therapy. I was lucky enough to start massage therapy at the Nursing Station in March of 2006, after graduation from Advanced Massage Therapeutics. Currently I see women who are pregnant or postpartum, people with injuries or headaches, people who need to physically de-stress from work and family activities, and athletes. Sometimes people just need a mental and physically relaxing break, for some positive "me" time. Bodywork allows you to be focused on how your body feels currently, instead of thinking "in your head", where we must function so much of our time during the day. Reiki and CranioSacral Therapy services were added with continuing education. I was even fortunate enough to use Reiki with my 94-year-old grandfather at his nursing home, as well as with volunteer hospice services. Positive, gentle touch is important through all stages of life.


BA Special Education and Elementary Education, Bellarmine College

MEd in Special Education and Elementary Education, Bellarmine College

600-hour Program at Advanced Massage Therapeutics, 2005 (Licensed in KY, February 2006)

Reiki classes (beginning in 2007)

CranioSacral Therapy classes, with The Upledger Institute (beginning in 2014)

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